Saturday, September 14, 2013


270 E. 17th Street
Costa Mesa CA
Look out cupcakes!  It looks like the new fad is pushing you out and making way for Gourmet Donuts.
I've been hearing about these wonderful new donuts and couldn't wait to try them out. 
So, I headed down to Sidecar Donuts in Costa Mesa.
As I walked into the shop, I knew right away this was not your normal local donut shop.
The smell was wonderful and the donuts were not your normal flavors. 
The staff greeted me with a big smile and cheerful "Hello".  They were happy to explain the different flavors they had left to sell.
Many of the daily flavors were already sold out.  Some where in the back being made but wouldn't be ready for several minutes.
I had other plans so I couldn't really wait, though there were some flavors I really wanted to try.
I was told that they are known for the Huckleberry donuts.  So, of course, I had to try one of these.
Oh my!  They were wonderful.  Still warm and full of berry flavor.  Not overly sweet.  Just perfect.
They had more of a cake taste to them.  I think I could have eaten a dozen.
Another popular flavor is the Maple Glaze topped with bacon.  These just came out of the back so they were warm and super fresh. 
However, I wasn't feeling that adventurous right then so I skipped these. 
I was told that every two weeks they change the flavors they carry.  Yet, the popular flavors remain all the time.  Like the chocolate topped with sea salt. 

Who doesn't like a sweet/salty combination?
You can look on their web page to find out what the flavors are when you go.
Some flavors like the Cornbread with sorghum brown butter glaze didn't sound good to me at all.  But, hey, if that was all they had left, I would have tried them.  Who knows, they could end up being a favorite of mine.

The Banana Pecan Streusel sounded wonderful to me!
All the donuts are served warm.  They make them in small batches every hour so they are fresh no matter when you show up.
They use only the finest ingredients and it really makes a difference in the taste.
The cost is much higher then normal donuts though.  They run around $3.50 each.  But, while that is a lot higher then normal donuts, you really can't compare the two.

These are much more filling then normal donuts.  They really are more like eating a piece of cake or muffin.  So when you compare the cost to a cupcake, they are not that high priced.

Outside, in the parking lot was their darling truck.  For those of you who remember the Helms Trucks that used to drive around and sell donuts and bread, it's like that.

The back opens up and the drawers pull out where the donuts are. 

You can have them come to your parties or events.  Wouldn't that be fun! 

I loved Sidecar Donuts and would go back again in  heartbeat.

I give them an 8 out of 10 stars. 




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