Monday, July 15, 2013


18774 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

I received the menu for Fortune Cookies in the mail.  While reading it I found out that they claim they are not great tasting but they are also healthy.

They use only 100% white meat.  Cook with trans fat free vegetable oil.  They have no MSG in their dishes.  Use fresh vegetables.  Use low sodium soy sauce in their dishes.  Have gluten free dishes.

I also noticed that none of their meals are over 500 calories, which is a great plus for those watching their diet.

I love good Chinese Food and have not been able to find to many places that I really enjoy.  So I was eager to try this place.

I gathered up a few hungry people to go with me and try out Fortune Cookies for lunch.

They have a generous list of lunch specials.  I believe there were 29 items to pick from.  All under $7.50.

Your meal starts off with your choice of Hot and Sour Soup or Egg Flower Soup.  All three of us went with the Egg Flower Soup.  The bowl of soup was only 42 calories.

It came out very hot.  It had eggs, peas, water chestnuts and carrots in a flavorful broth. 

We all agreed it was very tasty.  

Next we were served a spring roll.  It had cabbage, carrots and celery and was wrapped into a spring roll that was lightly fried.  The calorie count is 65 calories.

This was very good.  Sometimes spring rolls can be greasy or have a strange flavor to them.  Not here.  It was nice and crispy without being greasy.  The vegetables were fresh and crunchy.  

So far, we loved this place.

Jeff ordered the Chicken with Cashews.  The cost was $6.69 and 386 calories.

The first thing we noticed is that is a nice large size for a lunch portion.  It had all white meat chicken, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and of course cashews.

The sauce was a nice brown sauce that mixed everything together well.  It did not over power the taste of the items but rather made them combine into a wonderful burst of flavor in your mouth.

There were plenty of cashews in this dish.  

All three of us agreed this should get 8 out of 10 silver spoons.

Trinity ordered the Crispy Orange Chicken.  This meal cost $6.99 and has 290 calories.

This is white chicken breast that has been lightly battered and cooked with chili peppers, green onions and orange peel house sauce.

We all agreed that this was the best dish we tried.  The chicken had a nice slight crunch to it and the sauce was slightly sweet and slightly spicy but not over barring either way.  

We all agreed this would be a 9 out of 10 silver spoons.

I ordered the Veggie Chop Suey.  The cost was $6.69 and only 135 calories.

This plate was loaded with a wonderful array of fresh vegetables.  I ordered it without the snow peas or mushrooms.  It had water chestnuts, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, bean sprouts and mini baby corn cobs.  I was happy to see it wasn't loaded with onions.  Every time I have ordered this dish at other restaurants it seems they give you so many onions and very little other veggies.

The sauce is a brown sauce and I have to admit, the first bite didn't seem to be that good.  The sauce seemed to strong for light flavors of the vegetables. 

However, as it sat a little bit, the flavors began to mold together and it became quite pleasant.

When I first ordered this, I ordered the wrong dish.  I said I wanted veggie chow mein (which is something they don't even have on the menu.  The waitress assumed I meant I wanted Veggie Lo Mein.  The Veggie Lo Mein has veggies as well as noodles (which I didn't want).  

When she served me I explained what I wanted to order and she figured out that I wanted the chop suey.  She quickly took my plate back and within minutes she brought out my dish with the correct order.

I believe they cooked my dish up super fast in an effort to get it out to me quickly so I could eat with the others in my party.  That may be why it didn't have a chance to sit a bit before I ate it and thus the strange taste at first.

All in all, the Veggie Chop Suey deserves 7.5 silver stars.  

All the dishes also come with your choice of white, brown or fried rice.  Your bill is brought to you with your Fortune cookies.  The cookies were very good and better then most Chinese places.

All three of us really liked the food here.  The service was wonderful.  Staff was very friendly.  Drinks were refilled without having to ask and we never felt rushed even though they were pretty busy during the time we were there.

The decor is nice.  Simple and Earthy feel. 

They also have a Sushi Bar that had several customers eating at.  I asked them how it was and they said it was the best they have eaten.  

Based on the food, prices, decor, staff and over all experience I would give Fortune Cookie 8.5 silver spoons and I will be coming back here for sure.

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