Monday, July 8, 2013


I have been going to Mario's for many, many years.  I have to say I have never been let down.  I've never received a bad meal here.

The staff has always been very friendly and helpful and even though I've gone with picky eaters before, the order always comes out as requested.

So, even before I walked in the front door, I had pretty high expectations and felt I knew I was going to enjoy my meal.

Every day they have specials that they write on a large board.  When I went one of the specials was for the #7 combo which is a taco, enchilada, rice and beans.  The cost was $7.75.

Since this is my normal order when I go for Mexican food anywhere, I am always happy to see this as the special of the day.

I got a beef taco, it was great.  A nice crunchy but not greasy shell packed full of shredded beef, lettuce, taco sauce and cheese.  I got it with the cheese enchilada.   It was packed full of cheese and has a great sauce on top.  It doesn't taste like someone just opened a can and poured if over the enchilada like I've had at some places.  This sauce is very good.

There rice is ok.  It's not a real strong flavor.  It does have a few vegetables in it but not over powering.

The beans are great!  They taste like they make them right there and not canned.  They top the beans with plenty of melted cheese.

Once again, I was not let down and would have to give my meal a 9 out of 10 silver spoons.

My niece went with me and ordered the one item combo and she picked a chicken flauta that came with rice and beans and they even gave her a side of guacamole with no additional charge.

She said it was very good and ate ever bite.  The chicken was nice and moist and the tortilla was nice and crunchy but the flauta was not at all greasy.

The cost of this meal was $7.70.

She gives this meal an 8 out of 10 silver spoons.

Liz also came to eat with us and she ordered her favorite, Caldo de Pollo with no tomatoes.  What this actually is a big bowl of chicken and vegetable soup.

The soup is very flavorful and has big pieces of fresh vegetables and large pieces of white meat chicken.  It is served with a bowl of rice that you can add to the soup or just eat as a side dish.

The cost of this meal is $6.70.

This is not really something I would even think about ordering when I go to a Mexican restaurant but after seeing it, I think I would order this on a cold winter day or bring to someone who was home sick with a cold.  It looked very good and seemed like a nice hearty homemade soup.

Liz gave her meal a big 10 out 10 silver spoons and said she has never had any better soup anywhere.

All meals come with warm chips and house salsa.  I have to say the chips and salsa are reason alone to come here.  They are the best around.

I know many people who have stopped by and just ordered some chips and salsa to go because they are so good.

The location for this restaurant is 18603 Main Street in Huntington Beach CA.

I highly recommend this place if you are in the mood for some good Mexican food.

I give Mario's 9 out of 10 silver spoons.

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