Tuesday, July 9, 2013


16060 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach CA
I've been going to BJ's for years.  However, every time I go, I have only gotten their pizza.  
They do brew their own beer here and though I'm not a beer drinker, I hear they have wonderful beer.
I received a coupon for by one get one free on their new BBQ dishes.  So, I gathered up some family members and off to BJ's for dinner we went.
Everyone was excited to try the ribs.  It's hard to find good BBQ ribs and we had high hopes this was going to be the place.
All meals came with your choice of either a salad or bowl of soup.  Everyone in my group went with the salad.
The salad was just your normal run of the mill side salad.  Iceberg lettuce, a few tomato slices, cucumbers, grated carrots and croutons, topped with your choice of dressing.
It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything to write home about either.  In fact, I didn't eat most of mine as I wanted to save room for my meal.
You can order either a full rack of ribs or a half rack.  I got the 1/2 rack.  They cost $17.99.  We all felt this was pretty high priced for not even getting bread with your meal.
You also get your choice of BBQ sauce.  I got the sweet sauce and it was super good.  I would recommend it as it has a nice smoky flavor and touch of sweetness but not so much it's over powering.
You also get to pick off menu a side dish.  We all got the baked potato. 

I also wanted to try their cornbread that said it was  cheesy and spicy.
I love lots of BBQ sauce on my ribs so, I slathered the whole cup full on mine.  Like I said, it was very good sauce!  So, I was excited to bite into the ribs.
I cut one of the ribs off and that is where my excitement ended.  Normally baby back ribs are super tender and pretty much fall apart with little effort.
I had trouble cutting into the ribs even with a knife! 
I took a bite and was very let down.  While the flavor tasted nice, having the meat be so hard to get off the bone made it not enjoyable at all.
In fact, I only ate two.  After cutting the third one off the rack, I decided it wasn't worth eating another one.
I asked everyone in my party what they thought and two had nice tender ribs and two of us had ribs that almost seemed like they were not cooked long enough.
Then I cut up the cornbread.  It is meant to be a one person piece of bread but no one else wanted to spend the $3.00 on getting their own so, I split it.  If it was good, we were all going to order more.
No one ordered any more. In fact, we didn't eat but 1/2 of this between the four of us.  It had no cheese or spice taste at all.  It was dry with very little flavor of anything.  The butter they give you is a pecan sweetened butter and it was so sweet it wasn't good at all.
Our baked potatoes were cooked perfect and everyone enjoyed them.
I would have to give our meal a 6 out of 10 sliver spoons.  If the ribs were tender I would have really enjoyed this meal, minus the bread. 
Perhaps because this was a new dish on the menu they have not perfected cooking the ribs so they are all tender???
BJ's is famous for their Pizookies.  It's a warm cookie cooked and served in a mini pizza pan topped with  vanilla bean ice cream.
I ordered the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  Maureen ordered the milk chocolate chip cookie.
I was so thrilled when I got my pizzokie that I forgot to take a picture and so I borrowed this one from the Internet.
The picture shows the regular pizookie but we actually ordered the mini ones.  They are about 1/2 the size of the regular ones and a perfect size for one.
I have to give the pizookie 10 out of 10 silver spoons!  There is no way these could be better!  I've had some at other places but they didn't have the wonderful flavor these do.
I will be going back to BJ's for sure.  However, I think I'll stick with the pizza from now on.   

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