Thursday, July 11, 2013


3941 S. Bristol St.  Unit G
Santa Ana, CA

There's a new guy in town!  That's right!  Jersey Mike has a new home in Santa Ana!  The long awaited Jersey Mike's Subs is now open and ready to serve you.

I had received two coupons for a free regular sub to be enjoyed during the opening week.  Tonight, Patty and I decided to head out and give these highly talked about subs a try.

After all, I feel like everyone I know has eaten at a Jersey Mike's Subs but me.  I was excited to finally get to try them.

Patty got the famous roast beef and provolone .  The roast beef was cooked to perfection.  We both were very impressed that they actually carve the meat right when you order your sub and it is not already cut and laying out like other sandwich shops.

They ask if you want it "Mike's Way". We explained that we didn't know what that was.  The girl waiting on us asked if it was our first time eating at a Jersey Mike's and we answered "yes".

She then explained that Mike's Way was lettuce, tomato, onions as well as the "Juice" which is red wine vinegar and olive oil, topped with a sprinkle of their special spices.

She also told us that since it's our first visit we get a FREE COOKIE!  How nice!

Patty went with the "Mike's way" minus onions.

She also had a bag of chips and a drink.

She said the sub was soooooo good!  The bread was flavorful and fresh and was the best sub she has had from any sandwich shop.

The Famous Roast Beef and Provolone sub received a 9 out 10 silver spoons!

I ordered the turkey breast and provolone sub.  I too got it "Mike's Way" minus the onions and also a touch of mayo.

I was expecting a lot when I took I first bite.  I was not let down.  The turkey was fresh and it sort of reminded me of those wonderful turkey sandwiches you have with all the left over turkey at Thanksgiving.

The "juice" and spices really kicked up the flavor too.  Who would have thought that vinegar would taste good on turkey???

I had to agree this was the best sub I've ever eaten before.  The produce was also very fresh and full of flavor.  Often the lettuce and tomatoes really add nothing more then just texture to a sandwich but not here.  You could really taste them.

The size was good too.   We got the regular size.  It's a tad bit bigger then the sandwiches at TOGO or Subway.  

They also have a mini which is about 1/2 the size of a regular one and a giant one that is about twice as big as the regular one.

The price of the Famous Roast Beef and provolone sub runs $7.95 for the regular size and the price for the turkey breast and provolone regular sub is $7.50.

I too would give 9 out of 10 silver spoons for the Turkey Breast and Provolone sub.  I do wish they had cranberry sauce though.  I would have given it a 10 out of 10 if they did.

Everyone that worked there was very friendly and helpful.  I will be going back here for sure.  I'm thrilled to finally eaten here and highly recommend, if you are like me, and slow to hop on the bandwagon, get on over to the closest Jersey Mike's and see what you are missing.

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