Wednesday, June 12, 2013



I was in Long Beach and decided to stop for a bite to eat.  I wanted to try some place I've never been before and came across Boston's. 

 The menu was posted out front and most Sports Bar and Grill places I've been to have really good food so we thought we would give this place a try.

The decor was really nothing special and other then the menu cover having baseball stuff on it, the bathroom door having a handle in the shape of a baseball bat (I assume for Boston Red Sox) there wasn't much that really had to do with Boston. 

Oh, there was the sign with desserts hanging that said they had Boston Cream Pie...does that count?

 There was another room that had the bar area and some tables and chairs to eat at.  There were several TVs there to watch sports on. 

But hey, you are really looking for the food review here so let's get to the point.

I went with my sister and she ordered the Fish and Chips.  She got the lunch size.  You get two pieces of fish, fries and coleslaw.  For dinner you get the same only 3 pieces of fish.

The fish was pretty good.  It had a nice crunchy but not greasy  crust.  The fish was not overly fishy tasting.  The coleslaw was crunchy and had the perfect amount of dressing on it.  The fries were good, nothing special but not bad either.

Cost for the Fish and Chips was $11.29 for the lunch size and $15.79 for dinner.

Outside there were big signs that said SALAD PASTA PIZZA.  So, I figured that is what they are famous for.

I ordered the spinach salad.  The spinach was chopped and there were NO stems!  A big plus!!!!

It also had dried cranberries, pecans, feta cheese and though I didn't get it, it normally comes with onions and mushrooms.  Since I don't care for those, I asked them to leave them off my salad.

The dressing was wonderful citrus vinaigrette.

This has to be the best the spinach salad I've ever eaten.  I was very pleased.

Cost was $10.29 or you could get a half salad for $6.29.  If you wanted chicken added the cost was an additional $2.89.  For Salmon added it was an additional $6.99.

While they do offer normal size desserts, we decided that since we were full we would order the mini desserts.  The size is perfect when you just want a little bit so you don't feel like you missed out on dessert.

Plus, they only cost $1.99 so it's a good way to order a few different desserts without spending a lot of money or not being able to eat them all.

We got, strawberry cheesecake and bread pudding.

The strawberry cheesecake was a BIG let down.  It had very little flavor, had a strawberry jelly like filling and was topped with something that taste like off brand cool whip rather then whipped cream.

I wouldn't even finish it and I love cheesecake.

The bread pudding was a better choice.  The flavor was ok.  Yet it didn't really taste like bread pudding.  It was more like a cinnamon roll or donut flavor.  Again, it was topped with the fake whipped cream.

While we left full we both agreed we most likely would not go back there unless someone we were with really wanted to eat there.  There are to many other places near there that is much better.

The service also lacked a bit.  We did get seated right away but it took awhile for our food to come out.  In fact the manager noticed we were still waiting and had to go ask the waitress where it was.

We also had to ask for drink refills.  I hate that.  I think a good wait staff knows they should keep an eye out and either just bring you another drink or at least ask if you would like another.

I would give Boston's 6 out 10 silver spoons.


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  2. Hi dear!! I never attend Boston restaurants Week. I want to see that restaurant week and want to know who will be participating? Does anybody know when it will be held on?