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 Have you ever found yourself out with your dog and found yourself hungry?  What do you do?  Do you go through a drive thru and order junk food?  Do you drive home and drop off your dog?  Do you search high and low for a place that will allow you to bring your dog with you?

Well if you do the last option, stop searching!  Go to  The Lazy Dog Cafe. 

 Even though during my visit, no one had dogs with them, they were still enjoying the great patio area. 

Dogs are allowed to join you if you choose to eat outside here.  Due to the law, they are not allowed to let you bring your dogs inside the restaurant though.

 They do have a wonderful fireplace outside to keep you feeling warm and cozy even if it's a bit chilly outside though.

Being a huge dog lover, I love all the little dog touches they have. 

Starting with outside,  This cute dog greets you.  Check out the door handle.  It's in the shape of a dog bone!  How cute.

Inside, you will find a cozy place with lots of dog touches too.  There are both booths and tables to pick from.

While you are waiting for your food to come, take a walk around.  Go look at all the darling dog pictures on the photo wall.  I'm told these pictures are of dogs that belong to either the staff or customers. 

I couldn't pick which one was the cutest and I would wager you won't be able to either.

As you look around searching for cute dog touches, don't forget to look up.  You will find a large dog paw print hanging high above.

On your way out, be sure to grab a mint in the shape of a dog bone too! 

While the decor is darling, it's really about the food right?  Let's get on to that subject.

We ordered the Trio of Hummus to start with. 

For $8.45 you get three different flavors of hummus.  You get a scoop of traditional hummus, sun dried tomato hummus and pesto hummus.  With it comes cucumber and tomato slices and triangles of flat bread.

While I do feel the price is a bit high for the amount you get, I do think has to be some of the best hummus I've ever had.  I would highly recommend. if you enjoy hummus, you order this.

We also ordered the Pot Roast Beef Dip sandwich.  The price for this meal is $9.95 and comes with a sandwich of pot roast on a Dutch Crunch Roll, melted mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions and horseradish cream sauce.  Since this is a beef "dip" sandwich you also get a cup of au jus to dip your sandwich in.  A side of fries is also included.

This is a nice hearty sandwich that is more filling then it looks.  It is full of flavor and really doesn't need the au jus at all.   You can order other sides but be aware, some items cost a bit more and would raise the price of your meal.

We ordered the 3 cheese and basil pizza as well.  This is a thin crust pizza topped with Parmesan, Romano and Mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce and fresh basil.  The price of the pizza is $9.95.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in the pizza.  This seemed to be more of an appetizer pizza, based on the size and thickness of the pizza. 

It also seemed pretty greasy and the crust was limp.  I can't really recommend this pizza and I wouldn't order it again.

Over all I have to say I had a good time but do feel the quality of food has gone down since the last time I was there.

This place is always pretty crowded and you should expect to wait awhile if you go on a weekend at dinner time.

It's also a bit loud so don't think you will be able to enjoy a romantic talk while you are there, unless you want everyone around to hear also.

The Lazy Dog Cafe is a place to go for fun!  Go with a group of people and share some good food and laughs.  There is a bar and several TVs playing different sports with people clapping and hoping their team makes the next score.

I will go back here for sure.  I'm hoping I was just there on an off night.

I give The Lazy Dog Cafe 7 out of 10 silver spoons. 

There are several Lazy Dog Cafe locations now.  The one I went to is located at 16310 Beach Blvd. in Westminster.  It's in the Target Shopping Center near the 405 Fwy.

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