Sunday, June 30, 2013


Being raised in So. Cali, I have eaten at many many Mexican restaurants.  Mexican food has to be my favorite of all food. 

So, I was excited to try La Terraza Mexican Grill.  It is located at 3605 S. Bristol in Santa Ana. 

You have to be looking for this place because it's tucked in the corner of a strip mall and hidden behind a Liquor Store.  It doesn't get much advertisement and you really need to know where it is or you are likely to miss it.

I went on Sunday around noon and not one person was inside eating when we got there.  This was a bit worrisome and normally not a good sign of a good place to eat.

We were greeted right away and told we could sit anywhere.  Drinks were brought out to us along with a basket of chips and salsa and a small plate of beans. 

The chips and salsa were good and I loved the beans as an added touch.

It was warm inside and I asked if they had A/C.  I was told they did but it was not on.  Yet, they quickly turned it on for me and the placed cooled right down.

The food came out super fast.  I went with my brother and we both ordered the same thing.  We got a beef taco and a cheese enchilada.  Rice and beans were on the side.

My brother actually wanted a chicken taco but found out the chicken was a mix of both dark and white meat.  Since he only likes white meat he went with the beef taco.

The taco was small.  But the taste was pretty good.  The meat was cooked in a flavorful sauce and they also put lettuce and cheese on the taco.

The enchilada wasn't bad but, it wasn't good either.  It was ok.  It was almost as if they used a can sauce and didn't add anything to it.

The rice didn't have much flavor which I've found is how a lot of Mexican restaurants taste.  The beans were pretty good though.

The cost was less the $7.00 so there isn't complain there.  The soft drinks are served in a can with a glass of ice handed to you.  I thought because of this they would charge for a refill but they don't. 

Several people did come in to eat while we were there. 

I thought the service was great.  I didn't feel rushed and by no means was the service slow either. 

I would go back here if I was in the mood for Mexican food and someone wanted to go here.  I don't think I would be the one to suggest it though as there are so many other great Mexican restaurants around.

I would give this place 6 1/2 out of 10 silver spoons. 

They do have Taco Tues where the tacos are only $2.00.

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