Thursday, June 20, 2013


Philly's Best first opened in Fountain Valley CA back in 1992.  The owners are actually from Philadelphia and missed having good cheese stake sandwiches.  So, rather then moving back to Philly, they did the next best thing and brought a little bit of Philly right here to CA.

There are now 24 locations in CA.

I went to the one located at 2801 W. MacArthur Blvd in Santa Ana, CA.

As soon as I stepped through the doors, I was greeted with a nice welcome by the staff.  While I was eating my sandwich there I noticed they did this to everyone that came in.

It gave a nice feeling of being part of a "family" or close neighborhood.  The friendly staff makes you feel very comfortable and like they are truly happy to serve you.

While they offer many different types of sandwiches, salads, burgers and other items, I was there for what made them famous.  The original cheese stake sandwich.

As soon as I placed my order the cook started right away to cook my sandwich.

 Philly's Best uses traditional Philly Style ingredients and offers chips, drinks, cakes and beer that we can't normally get here in CA.  They come from Philly.

The rolls are actually shipped in from Philly too.  They use genuine Amoroso rolls and I believe that gives them their wonderful taste that makes them stand out from other cheese stake places.

They also offer wonderful fresh pickles and hot peppers to enjoy while you are waiting for your sandwich or to eat on them.

I also ordered cheese fries.  YUM!

The stake was wonderful!  Lean, cut thin and cooked to perfection.  The cheese melted and mixed in with the meat and even soaked into the roll a little bit.

It was a wonderful combination.  As I took a bite I got the nice warm meat, melted cheese and soft roll.  It was like taking a little mini vacation in my mouth.

The cost of the sandwich was only $5.00.  A great deal!

The fries were topped with a creamy cheese sauce.  You get a large portion and plenty of cheese sauce.

They were good.  Very good in fact but really, nothing out of the norm for cheese fries.

The cost was $2.59 and were worth every penny.

I also got a regular size drink that comes with free refills for $1.89 which is a great price for unlimited soda.

Since I have never been to Philly, I have never had a Tastykake.  I have heard a lot about them and how good they are. 

I decided to try one.  I got the chocolate cupcakes with white icing.

For those in CA, we are used to Hostess (no longer in business) cakes, cupcakes and other snacks.

Tastykake are pretty much like Hostess cakes.  I do think they are a little better though.  First you get three cakes for $2.11.

The cake is lighter and a nicer flavor then Hostess cakes.  They seem moister and fresher too.

But, they are nothing to write home about.  They are still prepackaged snack cakes.  I don't know if I would get another one or not.

All in all, I loved Philly's Best.  I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a little bit of Philadelphia flavor.

Most people got their food to go but I would recommend you stay and eat it there if you have the time.  Read the sign on the wall and learn all about famous people and places in Philly.  Watch sports on one of their 3 TVs.  Or just enjoy the conversations going on around you.

I would give Philly's Best 8 out 10 golden spoons. 

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