Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I knew I was going to Balboa Island to walk around the shops and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Before I went, I went on line to read some reviews for places to eat down there and Wilma's Patio came up as sounding like a great place to go.

After walking around for a little while and going in and out of shops, I started to get hungry.  I had forgotten to bring the address of Wilma's Patio though and so I had no idea where I was going to eat.

I passed by several places to eat but none sounded like anything I was in the mood to eat at.

That is, until I looked up and noticed I was standing right in front of Wilma's Patio!  I quickly went over to read the menu.

There were several things to pick from.  That was going to be the hardest part about eating there.

I saw they served breakfast all day and was all set to order an omelet with spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese.

Once inside, I was handed the menu and as I was looking it over again, the lady sitting next to me asked for a side of salsa to go with her meal.  She told the waiter it was the best salsa she had ever eaten.

Well, that caught my attention because I'm a big lover salsa.  In fact, Mexican food is my favorite type of food.

Wilma's Patio had several Mexican food meals and suddenly, my omelet wasn't what I wanted any longer.

I ordered the Taco salad.

I was a bit worried because I've had some pretty bad Taco salads before.  But, once the waiter brought this salad to me, I knew I had scored!

They serve it in a freshly cooked shell.  Chopped lettuce is covered with beans, rice, two kinds of cheese, sour cream and salsa.  You can also get chicken, beef or pork and guacamole for no extra charge.

The flavors exploded in my mouth and I was in heaven.  This was by far the best Taco Salad I had ever had...and I've had a lot.

The lady next to me was right.  The salsa was wonderful!  It was so fresh and you could tell it didn't come out a bottle.  It's made right there.

As I enjoyed my meal, I took notice of what others around me ordered.  Most of the people ordered breakfast.  Everything looked great and the comments I heard confirmed that everyone was happy to eat there.

There was even a guy who sat up at the bar area and told the waitress that he was on diet and she helped him pick his perfect breakfast even though it was not on the menu.  I thought that was nice that she took the time with him and they were happy to cook what the customer ordered and not just what was on the menu.

Everyone that worked there was so friendly.  My waiter joked with me and made me feel super comfortable.  Sometimes eating alone can make me feel very uncomfortable.  Here I was treated like they knew me.

Service was above par too.  The food came fast, drinks were refilled without having to ask, I was greeted when I walked in and was told good bye when I left.

I will be going back here without a doubt.  I really want to try the breakfast next time.

I would give Wilma's Patio a 9 out 10 silver spoons. 

The only reason they didn't get 10 silver forks is because they are a little high priced.  I know it's because they are in a tourist area, near the beach and so it was expected though.

If you ever go to Balboa Island you really should stop and enjoy the good food and good people at Wilma's Patio.

They are located at 203 Marine Ave, Balboa Island CA.  

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