Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In the summer months on Tuesday evenings, Main Street in Huntington Beach is closed off to car traffic and a Farmers Market opens up.  Bands play music, vendors set up booths and a lot of people show up to shop and eat and just have a fun time.

I met up with a group of friends down there.  We decided we were going to eat dinner before we walked around. 

We had never gone to Killarney's Irish Sports Pub and Grill and so we decided to give it a go.

There were several people inside, eating and drinking up at the bar.  A few people were at the tables eating and watching sports on one of the many TVs they have hanging on the walls.

There is also an outside area to eat right on the sidewalk out front.  It's a great place to people watch while you enjoy your food.

However, we wanted to get away from the crowds outside and find a spot not so loud so we could talk and catch up while we ate.

As soon as we sat down we were greeted by a lovely young lady.  She handed us menus and got our drink orders.

The menu had a large variety and we all decided to try something different so we could see how good different items were.

Our drinks came quickly and she took our order.  Within a few minutes she returned with our food.

I ordered the Pastrami sandwich and onion rings.

The  sandwich had hot pastrami, melted cheese, mustard and pickles served on a French roll.

The pastrami was sliced way to thick.  It was lean though.  However, it tasted very very greasy.  It was so bad, I gave away 1/2 of my sandwich and only ate three bites off of the half I kept. 

The onion rings had little flavor and tasted mostly like grease also.  There was no onion flavor, even when I ate the onions without the batter on them.

I was very disappointed.  The cost of my sandwich was $7.99 before tax.  My drink (diet coke) was an additional $2.00.

I would give my meal a 2 out of 10 silver spoons.

Nick ordered a Chicken Club sandwich with onion rings.  He said it was a wonderful sandwich and even though I didn't care for the onion rings he felt they were ok.

He gave his meal an 8 out 10 silver spoons.

Liz ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit for her side dish.

I almost wasn't going to include her sandwich in the review because, really I had never heard anyone say their grilled sandwich wasn't good.  However, there have been wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches so I agreed to include it.

She took a bite and made a face.  She didn't say anything at first and then she took another bite.  I asked her how it was.  She said it was bad.  It had very little flavor and what flavor there was wasn't good.

The bread tasted more like dry old bread rather then grilled/toasted bread. 

She only ate 1/2 of her sandwich and then said it wasn't worth eating the other 1/2.  She did like the fruit.  She said the fruit was fresh and full of flavor.

She gave her meal a 4 out 10 silver spoons.

Cherish ordered a Tuna Melt.  She took her first bite and then opened her sandwich and looked at it closely.  She said there were carrots in the tuna salad.   She did not like the taste and complained that tuna tasted like some off brand canned tuna and that the carrots gave it a super odd taste.

She did like the fries and said they were crispy outside and had a seasoning salt on them that was very good.

She gave her meal a 4 out 10 silver spoons.

I forgot to check on the prices of their meals.

We all agreed we would not go back there to eat.

It did look like a fun place to hang out if you were looking for a place to have a few drinks with friends and watch a game together.   Just eat before you go or only order snack food to nibble on.

All in all we gave Killarney's Irish Sports Pub and Grill  4.5 silver spoons and would not recommend this location to anyone we knew.

However, should you wish to try it out the address is 209 Main Street Huntington Beach CA.

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